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Tailored Fully Integrated
Marketing Solutions

As a fully integrated marketing agency, we have the capacity and expertise to implement a range of different marketing strategies in one cohesive effort. We’ll take care of all the marketing heavy lifting, but you’ll get to enjoy the rewards.


Crafting Your
Digital Presence and Brand Strategy

How your customers view you determines whether they’ll do business with you or not. That’s why your online image and branding are critical to your success. Our mission is to make you stand out from the competition and gain your audience’s trust. We are your branding strategy and digital presence architect - all under one roof.


ROI Focused

Unlike other digital marketing agencies, we’re not into meaningless numbers. We only care about one thing - getting you a healthy marketing ROI. That’s why the traffic we bring is targeted and our PPC campaigns laser-focused. As a result, your cost per lead drops while your bottom line shoots up.



Lead Generation + -

“An effective lead generation program that generates qualified sales-ready leads is critical for marketing success”.

Our digital marketing consultants have years of experience in building lead generation campaigns. By implementing up to date lead generation strategies, we ensure that your cost per lead is kept to a bare minimum. And because we take the time to study your business, we know exactly the kind of traffic you need. Our creative thinking and strategic planning enable us to generate leads and drive qualified traffic to your business. As a result, your sales pipeline will always have a steady flow of ready-to-buy prospects.

CRO + -

“Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) is the essential next step to lead generation programs”.

CRO is a science that eludes many. Not us. We build effective CRO campaigns that enable you to fully leverage your traffic driving efforts. Our experts take a scientific, data-driven approach based on continuous testing and iteration to drive better results. By understanding your buyers, optimising your website conversion rate, testing each element of your online properties, and a whole lot more, we build a solid funnel for optimum conversions.

SEM + -

“In an industry rampant with cowboys and inexperienced upstarts, our paid search team has the knowledge and experience to set up and manage high return campaigns for your business”.

Tired of throwing money down the Search Engine Marketing drain? We know how that feels (it burns). That’s why we never use the same Google AdWords or Bing campaigns everyone else uses. As a PPC agency worth its salt, we understand that your business is unique, and so should its campaigns. Before going live, we thoroughly research and critically plan each campaign to ensure you get the most bang for your buck. Once live, we track and optimise your campaign to ensure efficient use of ad spend.

Social Ads + -

“Social Ads have moved well past the fad stage. Businesses large and small now understand the power of leveraging the immense database of users offered by Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn among other social media channels and the specific targeting capabilities.”

Social media ads have matured into a powerful marketing tool. Used well, they can be used to increase brand awareness, drive sales, grow a tribe of repeat customers, and much more. As a social media agency, we pride ourselves in building and executing effective campaigns for businesses of ranging sizes and in any industry. One thing our experts understand is the importance of tailored solutions for each campaign. These are designed to achieve pre-determined outcomes as opposed to simply posting pretty pictures in the name of marketing. Whether you’re just getting started or think you can get a better ROI on a current campaign, we’d be happy to chat and give you a few pointers.

SEO + -

“We’ll help you drive more sales and leads by increasing your organic presence in the all-important search engine result pages. Our strategies are tried and tested, so we know we’ll deliver”.

At Digital Deluxe we understand that on-page SEO alone won’t get you the organic traffic you need to outrank your competitors. When search engine bots crawl a site, they take into account several technical aspects of your website as well. That’s why we’ve built a team of SEO experts who geek over the technical side of SEO. Sometimes, we even feel they’re more of search bots themselves than humans with the way they accurately predict how a website will perform after they’ve optimised it. Whether your end game is to build authority or drive traffic to your site, we’ll help improve your search engine rankings.

Marketing Automation + -

“A well-structured and executed Marketing Automation strategy can accelerate your sales pipeline substantially, however the tools for doing it can seem complex and time-consuming to deploy”.

Email marketing is certainly not dead. With many email marketing campaigns bringing in $44 per $1 spent, you can’t afford not to utilise this marketing channel. Our marketing automation experts will create and execute data-driven campaigns for you. We can help define the segmented lead workflows that your business needs and reduce your sales cycle while increasing lead to sale ratios. Providing tangible returns on your marketing automation investment is our main priority.

Growth-Driven Website Design + -

Your website is your most important marketing and sales asset. That’s why it has to be designed in a way that will not only look attractive to your visitors but will also accommodate the growth of your business. Our designers know exactly what your business needs in terms of getting your website live in the shortest time possible. But that’s not all. We will continue to monitor and maintain your website, implementing the necessary iterations needed to keep it serving its purpose – generating leads. All this without shutting down your website for maintenance.

Digital Content Creation + -

Content is the lifeblood of every website. And that means it plays a huge role in how your business performs. From visual content to written content, we can help you craft content that will speak directly to your audience. The result? You’ll have them eating out of your hands – after granting you access to their wallets of course. Whether it’s authority building content or sales pages, our digital content creation processes are designed for one thing – building up your business.

Hubspot Partner + -

Driving leads to your business is only half the battle won. Nurturing them till they convert into paying customers is the other half. As a Hubspot certified agency, you can be assured we know how to help you maximise every lead that comes your way. And that, at the end of the day, means you can sleep in peace knowing your prospects are in good hands.

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"When we were approached by Digital Deluxe we were very unhappy with our current SEO provider. Daniel talked us through the time that it would take to get us on the front page of Google and all the other areas that we would need to address for us to reach the goals of our campaign. He has delivered in every area. We have a one on one meeting every month and I now feel in control of my SEO campaign and am a lot better informed on what it takes to succeed. Daniel makes himself available to discuss any issues we have and has given us invaluable advice. We are blown away with what we have been able to achieve in a 9 month period in a very competitive environment. All SEO companies promise you the moon, this one actually delivers"

- Brett White, Inspect East -

"Our experience with Digital Deluxe was definitely a great one. The efforts Dan and Dante went to establish a good running relationship with us was very much appreciated. Small Businesses often go unnoticed with services, particularly in the Marketing industry, however Digital Deluxe went to lengths to understand the inner workings and fundamentals of the business to tailor the AdWords campaigns. We believe the result of this was month to month improvements with our search and display campaigns. Would highly recommend for your AdWords accounts"

- Liam Moran, Grays Fitness -

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