By Digital Deluxe / April 5, 2022

In May of this year, Google released a new update on Adwords’ quality score reporting. This update allows advertisers to finally get some historical quality score data in Adwords. Seven new quality score reporting fields have been added that will provide much more visibility. Four of these show the last known score in the selected date range as far back as January 2016 – Qual. Score (hist.), Landing Page Exper. (hist), Ad Relevance (hist.), and Exp. CTR (hist.)

To improve campaign performance, it’s important to understand how changes to the account, like ad optimization, impact Quality Score. Through data segmentation, advertisers can see how the quality scores change over time and identify the behaviour of the quality score. But at default settings, Qual. Score column will show the current quality score of the keywords. And again, if there’s not enough impression and click data to report (low bid and low traffic), the score will not be reported, especially for new accounts without spend history.  The image below shows a sample of the changes made to the reporting:


the percentage of people who will likely click on your ad when they see it

 the overall relevance of your ad to your keyword

a measurement of both the user-friendliness of your landing page and its relevance to the keyword

 historical measure of the quality of user’s experience with the ad that they saw on the search engine results page. This tells you how the keywords, ad copies, and landing pages have performed. Using this data you can definitely optimise the individual components

historical measure of the percentage of people who will likely click on your ad when they see it. This data is set by google based on performance of the keywords over time. You can improve the current click through rate by filtering out lower qualified and irrelevant traffic that certain keywords are driving to your website.

historical measure of the overall relevance of your ad to your keyword. This is the performance over time of the relevance of certain keywords to the ad copy attached to it. Most of the account managers we’ve seen so far from our clients stacked a certain amount of keywords in an ad group that are not relevant to each other. This made the ad relevance score below average since the ad copies created were not very specific to the keywords. Hence, creating an ad group with maximum of 2 variations of keywords is highly recommended if you want this component to improve.

historical measurement of both the user-friendliness of your landing page and its relevance to the keyword. This overall measures the experience of the users when they land on your offer page. It is measured by the relevance of the keywords and ad copy messaging to the content of the page that the users get to. Creating highly specific (category or product or service) page could definitely help improve this score.

With the recent update, we can clearly identify how the current quality score performs as compared to the historical ones and set benchmarks in improving it. You can even dig deeper on the comparison of the components and make the necessary improvements  in each area. Below is the actual data of quality score status of one of our clients.

The current quality score of the keywords met the benchmark quality score data with most of them having 10/10. The next image shows some of the keywords that we were able to improve by gathering enough data and tweaking the landing pages and ad copies. This decreased the cost per click and cost per conversions overall.

In general, the aim of the recent update is to give advertisers a comprehensive snapshot of the keywords’ current scores.. This makes it easier to identify low relevance of keywords to ad copies & landing pages and expected CTR issues that might be blocking your adwords campaigns’ success.

Adwords quality score is critical to the success of your campaigns. And with this new and improved reporting you can use and compare past and current performance to ensure the success of your campaigns. When used correctly, the new quality score data should make it simple for advertisers to uncover specific areas that need to be improved.

It is also worthwhile to take note that your adwords campaign manager knows exactly how to improve these areas. Proper maintenance of the accounts and daily optimization no matter how small, can really help improve your campaign’s performance and meet your overall marketing goals.

If your adwords campaigns are not meeting your overall marketing goals and your keywords are just eating up your marketing budget, then we can help!

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