How to create effective Google Ads

By Digital Deluxe / September 2, 2022

So you have started a Google AdWords campaign to supplement your Search engine optimization. Great. But so have your competitors. 65% of small and medium-sized companies currently have a Google Ad campaign running.

Google AdWords campaign is a great way to generate leads and sales, but it can be expensive. So how do you ensure that your Ad camping brings you adequate returns?

Creating an effective Google AdWords campaign makes you visible, saves you money but most of all, it increases your revenue.

In this article, we take a look at how you can improve your Google AdWords Return on Investment (ROI).

What is a Google Ads campaign and why does it matter?

A google ad campaign is a group of ads that run on Google’s Pay per click system of advertising and are displayed on Google Search result pages.

A strong ad campaign puts your business on the map. You can connect with Google’s users and match their needs to your products or services.

It offers faster visibility compared to Search engine optimization and you can have multiple Ads running at once.

How to create an effective Google Ads campaign

Creating an effective Ad campaign can save you a lot of frustration. Creating an ad campaign that gets clicks but does not convert into leads or sales is expensive. Below are a few tips to help you make your Google AdWord campaign effective.

Similar to Search engine optimization, Google ads are all about keywords. Before you settle on a keyword, there are three questions you need to ask yourself.

  • Are people searching for my keywords?
  • What is the search user’s intent? Are they just carrying out research? Do they want to make a purchase?
  • Can I afford the keyword?

To make money, you need to select a profitable keyword. How do you do this?

First, you need to verify that people search for the keyword you want to use. A steady search volume means that your keyword is relevant and most of all, that it will get clicks.

You can use Google Keyword Planner to determine what keywords will work for your campaign. Just enter what you think people search for, then Google will:

  • Give you similar phrases
  • Tell you how often people search for these phrases.
  • Tell you how much each keyword costs
  • Tell you how competitive the keywords are.

To boost your sales, select keywords that show intent to buy. Remember, to get the most out of your campaign, your advertising costs need to be less than your conversions. Choose an affordable keyword that generates several clicks or conversions.

Google Ads allows you to use additional features on your ad to boost your CTR. Extensions push customers into action. Some commonly used extensions include:

  • Location Extensions: They show your location and drive foot traffic to your store.
  • Call Extensions: Costumes can call your business directly, giving you a chance to make meaningful engagements.
  • Sitelink Extensions: These send customers directly to your landing page. Ensure that your landing page fits a user’s intent to avoid losing a conversion.
  • Callout Extensions: If the market space is competitive, you can use callout extensions to stand out. Let customers know if you have special discounts, sales, free delivery, etc.
  • Structured Snippet Extensions: These allow you to provide additional information such as the product list.
  • App Extensions are great at prompting customers to download your business app.

Remember that you are not the only one creating an ad. Your competitors may already have their ads up on google.

A unique selling point can pull an interested user from your competitor’s ads and bring you conversions. So, how do you make your Ad stand out?

  • Focus on what your customers care about. It could be fast delivery or affordable pricing.
  • Use your strengths. Focus on what you do better than your competitors.
  • Give your customers a reason to shop with you other than your pricing.
  • Ask your customers what value they would like industry players to add then use this on your ad.

You use Search engine optimization on your blog to keep readers engaged. But with Google Ads, you have less space to make an impression.

Ad copy should convert potential customers into loyal customers. How? Well, good copy does more than just talking about your business. It gives potential customers a reason to shop with you. Your ad should:

  • Show the value of your products or services.
  • Be believable. If you are offering discounts or sales, give customers a reason why your prices are low. You could be running a clearance sale of even celebrating an anniversary.
  • Reduce risk to customers. To gain your customers’ trust, give them a guarantee. It boosts their confidence in your business.
  • Include a call to action. It simplifies the contact process. Include a call to action such as call, get a quote, download, etc.

To know more about creating amazing copy for Google Ads, check out our post here.

To run a successful campaign, you need to keep track of your ads. Think of your google ads as a marathon, not a sprint. To make more revenue, you need to track ad performance and cost.

Keeping a budget is a great way to track your spending. You can compare the cost of each click, view, or impression to the income generated. If your ROI is low, you can improve it by:

  • Optimize your website.
  • Choosing mid-range keywords.
  • Paying less on clicks
  • Improving your quality score.
  • Aligning landing pages to the user’s intent.
  • Using better keywords
  • Reevaluating targeted Ad groups.

You can also use google analytics to refine your Google Ads campaign. Analytics judges your keywords, text ads, and landing pages to determine what is working and what is not. Once you have this information, you can replace, refine, and boost your revenue over time.

Final word

Creating a revenue-generating Ad requires work. To be successful, you need to pay attention to your customers’ needs and make your Google Ads relevant and compelling. With the right amount of balance between your expenditure and results, you can maximize your ROI.

If you feel that your Search engine optimization campaign is dragging along, give Google Ads a try. But remember, you use the above tips to make your campaign worth it. Let us know how well your Google Ads campaign goes.