How LinkedIn ads are helping numerous industries today

By Digital Deluxe / May 26, 2022

Over the last year, companies have had to change the way they interact with their customers.

More people are using online platforms to find jobs, find businesses, and create relationships. Because of this, companies all over the world have had to reevaluate their marketing strategy.

It’s tempting to stick to advertising strategies that have worked in the past. However, old advertising tactics have become obsolete in the social media era. Unfortunately, most businesses have been using advertising tactics that have little or no return on investment.

As a result, LinkedIn has become a huge player in the professional and business space. 79% of marketers believe that LinkedIn is a great place to rake in business leads.

More companies have started using LinkedIn advertising to keep their customers engaged and increase their market share.

In this article, we take a look at how LinkedIn Ads can be of service to your industry.

What Happened?

2020 has been a tough year for most industries. Economic activity has slowed down significantly and businesses have been forced to rethink their strategies.

It has become necessary to advertise frequently and widely to get more customers. To help businesses cope, LinkedIn has introduced several helpful features.

LinkedIn’s biggest strength is its access to millions of businesses, decision-makers, and professionals. Its advertising features enable you to make strategic and targeted advertising moves.

So if your business is in a bit of a slump, you may want to give LinkedIn ads a chance.

Here is why.

Most businesses have little or no idea what their advertising goals are. Luckily LinkedIn has you covered. Unlike other advertising platforms where you pick an ad format and run with it, LinkedIn helps you set your goals before advertising.

The first step in ad creation is to identify your campaign goals. You get to choose between:

  • Brand awareness
  • Lead generation
  • Job applications
  • Video views

It doesn’t matter which industry you come from. LinkedIn offers an opportunity for you to communicate with your audience.

87% of recruiters use LinkedIn to recruit talent. There are over 760 million LinkedIn users worldwide. This includes industry gurus, certified professionals, and graduates. You have access to talent from all over the world. You can recruit talent and find personnel with the perfect skills for the job.

LinkedIn gives you 100% control over who sees your advertisement. LinkedIn’s easy-to-use campaign manager allows you to create an ad, publish it, and evaluate its performance. Additionally, LinkedIn provides an array of targeting options to choose from. Instead of displaying your ad to people who fall under certain criteria, you can narrow your target parameters further.

It is possible to target companies within a particular industry or even employees within a specific company based on their titles.

With LinkedIn Ads, you can monitor your campaign’s effectiveness. Remember the whole point behind marketing is to get a return on investment. LinkedIn recently stated that a good click-through rate on the platform stands at about 35%. This may go higher now that more companies and people are turning their attention to online networking platforms.

Another brilliant feature from the LinkedIn team is the Lead generation form. You can use this to collect information on users who click on your ads. This is an effective form of engagement and it allows out to target and personalises future ads.

Perhaps LinkedIn’s biggest contribution to businesses is visibility. By creating a company profile you can share content such as blogs, videos, and much more with fellow industry players. LinkedIn allows businesses to be seen. Companies within the manufacturing industry can use this to showcase their products and processes. You can show off your tech-savvy or environmentally friendly process to LinkedIn members around the globe. This will not only solidify your brand name; you will get more sales and recognition.


LinkedIn advertising costs money. If you exceed the required 130 characters, viewers will be prompted to click on the “see more” button. This could lead to accidental clicks, which you still have to pay for. It also leads to inaccurate metrics, making it harder to calculate your ROI.

It doesn’t matter which industry you belong in, creating attractive banners, videos, and content, are important. Remember, your advertisement is a representation of your brand. Consider hiring a graphic designer to create advertising material. Keep your brand vibrant and attractive, people are less likely to follow you if you seem dull and old school.

When a viewer sees the same ad over and over again, they are less likely to notice it. This is known as ad fatigue. You can counter this phenomenon by creating multiple sponsored ads with different graphics and copy. If a user ignores the first ad, they may be captivated by the next one. Using the same tired copy will only slow down your advertising strategy.

What Happened?

If you are willing to spend money on LinkedIn advertising, you need to put in the work. Learn more about your audience and create relevant ads. Take advantage of the lead generation form and metrics.

Additionally, you can initiate conversations within your industry and cement your position as an industry leader.