Generating BIG Results FAST: Top 6 Digital Marketing Tactics

By Digital Deluxe / July 5, 2022

Show me a person who says they don’t like quick wins and I’ll show you a liar. Whether your business is floundering due to a pandemic or you’re simply keen to boost your sales fast, there are several digital marketing tactics that can help you generate BIG results FAST when executed correctly. 

In this article I’ll talk about a handful of my favorite tactics, keeping in mind this certainly isn’t an exhaustive list. Also note that not every tactic is applicable for every business, so use your own judgement or seek advice before you pull the trigger on any of these. Lastly, this article isn’t about showing you how to execute on each, rather it’s to provide inspiration if you’re looking to get big results fast with online marketing and you’re not sure where to start. A quick google on any of these tactics will present you with several high quality guides. Now that we’ve covered those points off, let’s jump into the tactics:


1. Create an offer and a strong CTA

I’ve made this number one because it’s mega important and you’ll need it for most of the other tactics. So many of the clients we start working with don’t have a clear idea what they’re offering or a CTA (call to action) to go with it. If you can’t clearly articulate what you’re offering, and what the first step should be for accessing that offering, how can your target audience be expected to? 

Sit down and take the time to think about your offering and write it down in the most concise way possible. Once you’ve done that, figure out what the first action step should be towards becoming a client or customer of your business. Maybe it’s signing up for your newsletter so they can be nurtured through an email marketing sequence, maybe it’s downloading a lead magnet, or maybe it’s simply requesting a quote. Whatever it is, make sure that CTA is front and center (figuratively, not literally) in all your digital assets. The more times you ask someone to take an action, the more times they will. It’s science bro.

If you’re already running some form of digital marketing strategy but getting limited results, refining your offer and using CTA’s more extensively can deliver surprisingly large surges in performance quickly.

2. Create a lead magnet

In a nutshell, lead magnets are typically assets that you’ll offer to your target audience in exchange for their contact details. Lead magnets come in tonnes of different forms such as downloadable guides, ebooks, checklists and more. The most important thing about a lead magnet is that it’s RELEVANT to your target audience and it offers VALUE. If it’s relevant and offers value, and you get it in front of your target audience, there’s no reason it shouldn’t do well. 

Keep in mind that the relevance and value will not only determine how many people want the lead magnet, but also how much they’re willing to exchange for it. If it’s at the low end of the spectrum e.g. a simple checklist, people might only be willing to give their email. If it’s at the high end of the spectrum though, e.g. a comprehensive interactive guide, people might give their name, email, phone, address and even answer qualifying questions. 

Remember, regardless of how good your lead magnet is, people will need to know it exists in order to want it, so make sure you’ve got a strategy for driving traffic to it. If you do this well, you can drive a very large number of quality leads in a short period of time.

3. Run a competition

I know what you’re thinking; “people have been running competitions since the caveman days, don’t bore me with boring old crap.” Well you’re right, competitions have been around forever, and you know what, so has ice cream, and it’s still awesome as far as I’m concerned. Just like lead magnets, a competition will only be successful if it’s relevant and adds value. If your business provides skin care services to middle aged women, and you run a competition offering a PS4 as a prize, you’re probably not going to get many strong leads from your campaign. However, if you offer 6 months of free Botox, you’ll probably end up with more leads than you can handle. Get what I mean? 


Another thing to think about with competitions is that they’re a great way to supercharge your existing campaigns and reduce your cost per lead or sale. For example, let’s say you sell high end renovations, and you’re running a generic lead gen campaign on Facebook to get 200 leads per month, and your cost per lead is $50 (spending $10k per month in total). Now let’s say you tweak that lead gen campaign by adding the opportunity to win a designer floor lamp valued at $500, and your opt in efficiency goes up by 25% (which would be a conservative lift for this kind of offer). This would lead to a cpl of $39.47 and a total of 266 leads (from a spend of $10.5k), or 25% more leads for 5% extra spend, nice little bump right?


4. Facebook lead ads

If you haven’t run lead ads before, here’s how they work. You run a Facebook ad like normal, but instead of sending it to a landing page or your Facebook page like you might normally, you use a lead form on Facebook to capture enquiries. These work great for a few reasons:

  > You don’t have to leave Facebook to fill in the form, it pops up right on the screen without sending you anywhere else

  > If Facebook already knows some of the answers e.g. your name or email, it will fill those in automatically so it’s even easier to submit

  > They’re very mobile-friendly, so someone can be scrolling through their feed, stop to look at your ad, and become a lead literally within seconds

Lead ads aren’t new, but a lot of businesses don’t utilise them when they generate a great opportunity to drive a lot of leads fast. They also get a bad rap from some people, who say the leads are low quality. This is usually the result of ignoring the key factors; RELEVANCE and VALUE. It also usually means that there isn’t a strong enough qualification process in place to ensure only the best and most qualified leads get flagged for follow up.

When deployed correctly, lead ads can generate BIG results FAST. We’ve been able to set up campaigns that generated thousands of leads in a matter of weeks with the right targeting, offer, and CTA.

5. Native ads

Native ads are a traffic source that aren’t heavily used by less experienced digital marketers. You’re probably most familiar with them as those little tiles that pop up at the end of news articles, with click bait style titles like “You’ll be shocked what <insert celeb> looks like now!” Despite sometimes looking like the offcuts of trashy gossip mags, these ads can be surprisingly effective at driving high volumes of targeted traffic at low cost. Platforms like Taboola and Outbrain provide a lot of clever targeting options as well that you won’t find on the likes of Google or Facebook. This is mainly due to the fact that they seem to more heavily leverage 3rd party data and may have less stress stringent privacy policies than the larger social networks. 

The most effective way to drive BIG results FAST with native ads is to team them up with a highly engaging CTA coupled with a powerful offer. For example, if your business sells solar panels, you could attract attention with a CTA like “Learn how <insert location> homeowners are saving up to $3,000 per year”, and couple this with the offer of a free and fast solar quotation.

6. Leverage your database

It blows my mind how many businesses have an existing high-quality database sitting right under their nose that they haven’t even considered leveraging. If you’ve already got a sizable database of existing prospective buyers, new or repeat, you can hit them up with an email campaign with, you guessed it, a CTA and offer that are RELEVANT and provide VALUE. If you sell a high-value product or service the ROI (return on investment) of this kind of activity can be massive, since you only need a few positive responses to make it a big success.

If your database is made up of existing clients/customers that you can’t upsell or cross-sell, then you can leverage it to create a lookalike audience for your paid ads. Basically, this involves uploading the database to an ad platform like Google or Facebook, and letting their algorithm find users in their database that are a close match to those in yours, so you can create and run a highly targeted ad campaign.

Tactics vs Strategy

At this point I’d like to reiterate that all of the above are tactics, not strategies. While each of these digital marketing tactics can be great for delivering great traction and results in the short term, they’re not necessarily going to deliver you ongoing results in the long term if deployed individually without consideration of a higher level, more holistic strategy. Developing a digital marketing strategy is a whole other topic that I won’t delve into in this article, however, if you’re looking for a combination of fast results and a solid strategy to keep them coming in the long term, I’d highly recommend checking out our Fast Start Program.