5 Things you didn’t know that Google Ads can do

By Digital Deluxe / August 5, 2022

Google Ads is packed with several features to help you make the most of your online marketing efforts. About 90% of consumers make their purchase decisions based on Ads. For this reason, entrepreneurs, companies, and organisations use Google Ads to improve their ranking and influence shoppers.

Sadly, Google Ads can be frustrating for beginners. Without the right resources and know-how, your journey can be complicated, time-consuming, and have poor results.

To make your online marketing campaign worth it, you need to understand what this platform can do.

In this article, we take a look at the importance of Google ads and 5 Things you didn’t know Google Ads can do.

Why is Google Ads Important?

Why should you start using Google Ads?


Online ads increase brand awareness by 80%. So if you want to get noticed, you need to place an ad on Google.

But that is not all. Google Ads has other advantages, such as:

  • It’s a quick way to drive new sales on your website.
  • Google users have high purchasing intent. As long as you drive clicks to your website, you can make sales.
  • It is cheap and effective. It accommodates both low and high advertising budgets making it suitable for both big and small businesses.

Let us take a look at what you can do with Google ads.

What can Google Ads do?

So your ad is up and running. After a few weeks, you notice an increase in the number of website visitors. But upon closer inspection, you realise that you are spending a lot of money paying for clicks but with little or no sales.

As you create your ad, you will notice a keyword match option. This option determines which keywords will trigger your ad.

A broad keyword match could attract people with no intent to purchase. Luckily you can limit their interference by using negative keywords.
Negative keywords prevent certain words from triggering your ad. You can activate them by putting a minus sign before the words. This way you only send relevant traffic your way.

Is your ad optimised for both desktop and mobile use? A lot of ad creators make their ads for desktop users, losing out on high-quality mobile traffic. People often use mobile devices to conduct online searches. So if you want a higher ROI, you need to tap into mobile searches.

How? By using site link extensions.

Sitelink extensions make your ad more functional by providing additional information such as:

  • Phone numbers
  • Links to landing pages
  • Store location
  • Product links

Sitelinks are also helpful to advertisers. You will have access to data such as:

  • How many people called the telephone number provided on your site link.
  • How many people clicked on your site links.
  • What site link people responded most to.

Informative site links can increase your CTR.

What time are people more likely to search for your business, products, and services?

When running ads, timing is key. It determines your Ad’s reach and affects your budget. You need to understand people’s behaviour.

Most people do their research while at work or in specific periods during the day. For example, if you run a B2B, you should run your ad during business working hours when people are likely to be looking for your business or products and services.

Additionally, if your business is only open from Monday to Friday, running an ad during the weekend is counterproductive.

Google ads are set to your time zone. If you have a global market remember to match your ad schedule to match the time differences.

Additionally, you can install a conversion tracker to tell what time people make the most purchases. You will notice when most people click on your ad and review your ad schedule to match these time frames.

You can make your ad more efficient by:

  • Showing it during your work hours.
  • Localizing it
  • Disabling your ads during low response periods (this can help you save on money.)
  • Increasing your bids for high converting time frames.
  • Showing your ads on days with high conversion rates.

How visible is your brand?

Google Ads are typically divided into:

  • Search ads. Text ads are displayed on SERPs
  • Display networks. Image and video ads appear on websites and Youtube.

Display ads are great at creating brand awareness. Display ads do not rely on intent since most people surf social media pages and websites for social and research reasons. Your target audience is not limited to users who search for your brand.

Display ads reach 90% of internet users via websites, blogs, news pages, Gmail, and YouTube.

But why should you choose display ads over search ads?


Display ads :

  • Are eye-catching and visually appealing, attracting more customers to your site
  • Are a great way of showing your brand
  • Allow for remarketing opportunities.
  • Enable you to track and monitor your ad engagement.
  • Is a less expensive advertising option.

Do you run a local business with a niche clientele? Would you like more people within your area to visit your store?

Don’t worry.

Google ads allow you to target your audience depending on their location. You can target people within a country and even within a radius of your premises.

Say you operate a hotel near a busy airport. You can advertise hotel accommodation to flight passengers who missed their flights or whose flights have been cancelled due to the weather conditions.

Radius targeting is great for local businesses that offer services mainly for the local population. That way, your money is not spent on users who never turn to conversions. Google has numerous targeting options you can check here.

Final word

Google Ads is a dynamic platform with numerous benefits. It needs a bit of patience and an understanding of consumer behavior.  You can use the metrics to adjust and improve your marketing campaign over time.

Hopefully, this blog has provided some insight into how you can benefit from using Google Ads. For more on this, have a look at our related blog posts.