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Top 3 Marketing Trends You can’t Ignore for 2022

It’s now more important than ever for businesses to optimise their online presence with digital marketing trends. Business owners and marketers simply cannot afford to ignore the rapidly shifting digital landscape as we approach 2022. Just as digital marketing strategy continues to scale, these three tactics continue to remain relevant.

These are the top 3 things you need to know:

1.  Social Media Becomes More Important than Ever

Yes, everyone knows how important social media is and why we should use it, but is your business using it effectively?

Social media is becoming more important for businesses because it’s where people are spending most of their time. Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook are used by millions of people every day who enjoy sharing updates with friends and family. Businesses can use these platforms to connect, engage, and advertise to their audience.

Not only does social media sites provide a way for businesses to connect with customers, but also to other businesses. Social media lets people share their experiences which leads to more brand awareness for companies that are active on social sites. Customers can get opinions from others before making a purchase decision if they’re unclear about what the best option is.

If you know your product or service has a specific market, making an official Facebook group for like-minded consumers can establish an audience where you can let your market know what’s new with your business. Identifying where your target market is located on the internet like on social media or online forums means that you’re not in the trap of creating a market for your product, since it already exists!

Regular and relevant social posts can keep you in the top-of-mind with your customers and potential markets. Organic posts or paid ads can do both of these, your social media strategy depends on the goals you would like to achieve from your campaigns.


2. Video Marketing Continues to Grow at Rapid Rates

What began as a novel idea for businesses to share customer testimonials and presentations has evolved into a creative form of marketing. Instead of just offering text updates about products and services, now companies can show their audience exactly what’s going on through videos. They can walk people through how something works, highlight features, and tell stories that help potential customers understand the benefits of a product.

Video content is much more engaging than text. It’s not just about how a business can use videos to sell their product, but also because it offers a way for customers to tell others why they like a particular company. This strengthens the brand by helping people remember what drew them into that particular company in the first place. Being able to share opinions with other customers is a huge plus.


3. Mobile Marketing Optimisation to Reach More Users

In the past decade, mobile devices have revolutionised how people can stay connected to each other and receive news. This has taken a turn for the business world as more companies are offering services that can be accessed on smartphones or tablets. There’s a huge difference in how many people can access information when it’s designed for mobile versus a desktop.

The phone is the ultimate portable device. According to statistics, there are more smartphones than traditional computers in use right now. This means that companies need to make sure their websites and advertisements work well with mobile devices. If something isn’t optimised for viewing on a smartphone, then fewer people will see it. Pay close attention to where your traffic is coming from, if the majority of your users are coming from mobile devices, you’ll need to make sure the user experience is optimal. It’s been proven that individuals are much more likely to make a purchase from an online retailer if the site is mobile friendly. This affects customer service particularly for positive customer experience which is progressively more online with the COVID-19 pandemic.

Is your business up-to-date with the current trends? Businesses need to be aware of what is happening now as well as digital opportunities that might pop up in the near future. By following these three ideas, companies will be able to stay ahead of the curve and continue growing. This includes having a strong social media presence, using videos to market products, and making sure mobile devices work well with businesses’ sites.

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