How to Create Killer Facebook Ads

Not that long ago, it was only ad agencies and marketing departments who had the access and resources required to publish ads in front of a large audience. Nowadays, all you need is a Facebook page and a credit card and you can get your ads in front of thousands or even millions of people!

Facebook ads are all over the place. Whether you are just scrolling through your timeline or watching people’s stories on Facebook, ads literally pop up everywhere. While it sounds like it would be annoying, most users have accepted it as the norm and adjusted to it. The main question for advertisers now is: what makes someone click on an ad?


What Makes A Great Facebook Ad?

No doubt great copy can get your attention. It could be because of the font color, the offer,  the call-to-action, or those factors combined, but most of the time it is the creative. These creatives could be in the form of an image or even a video. Usually the creative takes up the majority of the screen, that’s why it’s an important factor to look at. 


Facebook has definitely made it easier to put ads up, however this doesn’t mean you can just slap an image on an ad and expect good results. Rather, it means you need to think more carefully about what creatives you use in order to stand out from the immense clutter of ads, and have it resonate with your target audience.


Understanding Facebook Ads

Facebook ads come in different formats. It’s crucial to select the type that is fitting for your business, what you’re advertising, and what you’re trying to convey.

These formats include:

  1. Image Ads
  2. Video Ads
  3. Carousel Ads
  4. Slideshow Ads
  5. Collection Ads

Retailers often use a carousel or a collection format. This allows them to display their stock and showcase more of their products. Facebook video ads are often used to tell a story that cannot be fully conveyed through a single image ad. This provides more leeway to show more on your ad. The most common type of Facebook ad is the image ad as it’s straight to the point and invites a single action. The format you choose all depends on you and what you’re trying to achieve.


Who Should Use Facebook Ads?

Facebook ads are for anyone and everyone! Whether it’s for your business, advocacy, a community group, an individual (or nowadays even a pet or a baby), if you want to promote something, all you need is a Facebook account, and you’re good to go. 


Setting Up Your Ad

Facebook has made it super simple for everyone to get started with their ads, and there are two ways you can go about creating your ad. You can set them up with quick creation, or your business ads manager. 


We broke things down below to help guide you through creating your Facebook ad campaign.


1. Objective

Just like with anything, it all starts with intent. You should set your goal for your Facebook ad and work around achieving that goal. This could be brand awareness, app installs, lead generation, or purchases. If you’re not sure what your goal is, Facebook gives you a list of 11 marketing objectives so you can easily set up your ad. We also discussed how to go about this and get more traction on your Facebook ads here.


2. Targeting

Who are you currently targeting? What is your ideal audience? What location are you targeting? Are you a cosmetics brand targeting women? Or a sports brand targeting men? Facebook ads can get really specific. You can easily choose the demographics, attributes, interests, and categories that will allow you to get in front of your ideal audience. Having a well-defined target audience increases your chances of achieving your marketing goal rather than targeting a broad audience. 


3. Budget

Before you get excited about setting up your ad, you should also take into consideration the budget. Facebook allows flexibility in terms of this as you can set it at a lifetime budget or a daily budget. You can also easily turn your ad campaign on and off, so you have total control over your Facebook ad. Generally, more budget equals more conversions, but setting up your ad properly will make it more effective.


4. Offer

This is what you’re advertising. You can promote your ongoing sale, discount codes, a new product launched, whatever it may be, this offer should cater and resonate with your target audience so you can get more clicks and conversions. 


5. Copy

This refers to the text you put up with your Facebook ad. It’s an important element in an ad, as the language and the tone that you are using to communicate with your target audience will have a big impact on how they respond to the ad. Keep it simple, you don’t want to use colourful words with no essence, you want to get your message across to people as concisely and clearly as possible.


6. Call-To-Action

This is the button that triggers the user to take action when they see your ad. In your case, this call to action will drive your audience to achieve your ad objective. Will they “Shop Now” so you can drive more purchases, “Learn More” to educate them or “Subscribe Now” to further inform them and keep them up to date? There are numerous call-to-action options on Facebook to choose from, but you can also customise your own. 


7. Creative

As mentioned above, the creative element takes the most space on your Facebook ad. Aside from the text, the creative is communicating to your audience visually (and potentially audibly). It should convey effectively what you are promoting and be interesting enough to grab their attention. 


8. Responsiveness

This basically refers to how the ad appears across different devices. Different Facebook ad types require different aspects or dimensions. Once set up properly, it will be easier for users to understand your ad and has more chance of delivering the outcome you desire. According to business2community, most digital marketing strategies should tailor to mobile advertising as the majority of the users are active social media users. 


Another thing to note here is you should set your expectations. Once you have set up a Facebook ad, it doesn’t mean good results immediately. It’s an ongoing process where you have to learn and optimise so you can upscale your business further.



5 Examples of Great Facebook Ads

1. Lululemon

  • With the video carousel they used, Lululemon was able to showcase not just their athleisure wear, but its performance as well.

2. HelloFresh

  • HelloFresh’s ad is straightforward. Aside from the eye-catching colors that make you want to go grab a bite, they advertised their most popular product and focused on one offer.

3. Venmo

  • Venmo used fun colors to convey that they are not your usual financial brand. Not only were they able to attract users because of the colors but also able to convey their brand personality.

4. Sephora

  • This video of Sephora promoted different products on one ad. The visuals and animation made it stand out on users’ feeds and is inviting enough to check their products.

5. Nike

  • Nike advertised their ID line which clearly conveys the line’s personalisation. This carousel ad showed different varieties you can do with this shoe collection.


Let’s Get Down To Business: How do Facebook ads benefit you?

We have talked about how easy it is to set up an ad on Facebook. As long as you have everything above, it makes it easy to do. With just a few steps, you can reach more people than ever compared to just doing organic posts. It’s less time-consuming and more effective because your marketing efforts work towards your ad objective. 


The main benefit of running a Facebook ad campaign from a business perspective is its ability to track performance. It can determine who is clicking your ad, what they are clicking on and other data you can use to further grow your business. We also have a monitoring checklist for Facebook ads available here. Overall, you have to get data, get results, test, and optimise so you can skyrocket your business. 


Get It Going With One Click!

You are now ready to publish your ad and give it a go! Who would’ve thought you can get things going for your business with such little effort? With a well set up campaign you can focus your efforts on running your business and just let Facebook get you in front of new customers, so you’ll reach your growth goals in no time.

If you’re keen to get started with Facebook ads but would like some help with your strategy, feel free to book a discovery call with us.