Marketing Automation for Small and Medium Businesses

Marketing Automation is a software platform that helps your sales and marketing teams work as a single, cohesive entity, to automate and optimise your leads as they move from the top of the funnel (where traffic arrives from various sources), to the bottom of the funnel (where sales are made).

Is Marketing Automation the same as Email Automation? No!

Marketing Automation engages all of the identified and unidentified leads that land on your website and social media channels, from various traffic sources. This includes traffic from social media promotions, search, referrals and PR. Ideally, you would engage these leads through email nurture or remarketing channels. These nuture tactics can be automated on the Marketing Automation platform of your choice.This now leads to the question –

Does a Small & Medium Business need marketing automation?

It is of course additional investment, another add-on cost to your already tight marketing Dollars.

Here are 3 key reasons why SMBs should invest in a Marketing Automation platform.

1. Engage with your customers, before they become your customers

Building brand loyalty begins way before a prospect makes a purchase. More than 65% of consumers research online, before they step foot in a store. Engaging them at that micro-moment of need is critical to put your brand ahead.

Most marketing automation platforms are able to track a prospect’s activity on your website, before they identify themselves with their contact details. This data can be used to ‘remarket’ your service or product on various display advertising and social media platforms. Your brand would be top of mind, when the day of decision making arrives.

2. Nudge your Prospect along the buying journey

With marketing automation, you have now identified your prospect and engaged them with remarketing. They are still in the discovery and decision making process. Guide and nudge them along this process by offering answers to their FAQs, research content that they need and recommendations from past customers.

Automating this process of providing guides and answers, not only helps the prospect with the right tools at the right time, but also saves your marketing and sales teams’ time and effort.

3. Optimise your Sales Cycle

Your sales team’s time should be spent on high probability customer conversion. Sales should not be spending time and effort wading through the heaps of leads, trying to identify the one that will convert. With marketing automation, you can identify and trickle down the leads that are most valuable to sales, thus building a healthy pipeline.

Understanding the need to engage with your customers and communicating with them at the right time, by leveraging Marketing Automation, can be key to the success of your growing business.