SEO Practices Still Making a Difference in 2017

SEO Practices Still Making a Difference in 2017

2016 was another turbulent year for SEO bringing with it many challenges and changes along the way. Trends in marketing and SEO, in particular, continue to evolve at a rapid rate with new strategies and best practices showing up on a seemingly daily basis. Meanwhile, the fight for the top spot on Google has never been more competitive, but at the same time reserved because of the latest updates to Google’s algorithm.

Despite the naysayers, SEO for the coming years will continue to be a cornerstone strategy for businesses marketing their products and services online. SEO also helps brands and businesses gain and maintain the trust and credibility they have built up over the years. There is no point in creating a beautiful website, having eye-pleasing graphics and good content if you cannot be found by your audience or your target market. Everything you have worked for on your website will become plainly useless.

No doubt the quest “Why is the internet so flooded with talk about SEO?” To help you understand why you have to ask a different question like “Why does every website need SEO?”.

SEO is the practice of driving traffic from paid and organic sources from the web to get that coveted first-page result in the SERPs.

The challenge here is that from time to time Google can change the way it ranks site’s in the SERPs. People just need to make sure that their websites are always updated with algorithm changes from Google, while also implementing the latest best SEO practices to stay on top.

With every algorithm update and trends in SEO’s best practices, everyone is wondering if the biggest hits in 2016 can still help a website prosper in 2017. Read more below to find out the top trends in 2016 that can still help you get traction in 2017.

1 Giving Local SEO More Attention

This is one of the most effective practices in SEO that can survive the coming updates in Google’s algorithm. Making sure Google knows the locality of your brand or business can simplify your results even more in the SERP’s, thereby it will pinpoint the area you want to target. It is a must to have a local page built for your website which will include the name of your business, address etc. with Google, Yahoo and Bing.
Local SEO

As far as the Pigeon update is concerned, from the past years, local SEO has understood the importance and significance of forcing marketers and businesses to have some local specific keywords they want to target. An added practice to that is specialising your website content based on your target audience. This practice includes having a consistent data on various directory sites like address, website, phone number, business name etc. Having a listing on various directory sites can help increase your business searchability within the area you are targeting.

2 Mobile Optimisation To Create More Impact

As technology has advanced over the years, SEO needed to keep up its game to keep audiences searching for more. People nowadays use varieties of devices from notebooks to laptops, tablets, Android mobiles and iPhones. They are no longer in one place. In order to keep up with the trend, your website needs to be mobile friendly. This has been a trend for plenty of websites that have gone mobile friendly since 2016.  


With all these in place for 2017 make sure to have your website mobile friendly and make sure to include this strategy in your SEO for this year and upcoming years. A basic starting point is to check if everything on the website can be viewed by any device like the logo, colors, fonts, and images.


3 Social Media Content Will Be More Prominent

Content coming from Facebook, Twitter, and various social media platforms will gain more importance in the SERPs for the upcoming years. Marketers around the world now use the power of social media to boost their SEO.

As to what has been predicted, social media content will now be indexed in Google, Bing, Yahoo and various search engines even more. Be prepared to find, collect and use any profitable content using social media to hit a certain goal for the ultimate perceptibility. In fact, in branding names, social media profiles show to have the highest results in search listings.

To close this all out you need to brace yourself for whatever changes Google will implement over the years. Having all the best practices in mind like employing images and videos on your posts to gain that first ranking in Google. It is important to keep in mind that achieving good ranking can help you conclusively in building a solid influence and make your brand name known amidst your audience. Remarkably, keep yourself updated on the latest trends, and you will surely be on top in hitting the search rankings. The more prominent you are to the world of SEO, the more chances of producing positive results.

You need to focus yourself on creating fresh content for your website, promote it through social media channels and then after that, you will notice improvements in SERP rankings. By then you just need to maintain the rank by posting fresh and unique content. Also include images and videos regularly to your pages or posts and you are good to go.

Digital Deluxe’s quick tips to improve SERP rankings

  • List your business on local directories
  • Create new content often and promote on your Social media channels
  • Include images and videos
  • Optimise content for Mobile

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