Understanding Adwords Promotion Extensions

Understanding Adwords Promotion Extensions

Are you using Promotion Extensions on Google Adwords yet? Google introduced Promotion Extensions for adwords in late 2016. This feature is absolutely brilliant for any advertiser that regularly offers discounts on selected services or products.

Let’s take a closer look at promotion extensions and how to use it for your business.

What Are Promotion Extensions?

Promotion sitelink extensions allow you to highlight current sales or promotions along with your Search Network text ads. This extension will show below your ad text and is free to add. You will be charged for a click on the promotion extension, just like other clickable ad extensions. They can be scheduled to run at certain times between user selected dates, also run at the account, campaign, or ad group level.

Here’s an example of a promotional sitelink extension:

Promotion extensions will display up to 2 lines of text. When someone clicks on the promotion extension, they will be directed to the final URL you have specified for that extension.

How to Set Up Promotion Extensions?

Step 1: Once logged in, click on the Ads & extensions from the left-side menu and click on “Extensions” at the top.

Note: You have to be in the new AdWords interface in order to access Promotion extensions.



Promotion extensions can be added to your account, at three different levels: Account, Campaign, and Ad Group. If you have promotion extensions at all of these levels, the most specific level extension will be used. So, ad group trumps campaign and campaign trumps account level extensions.

Step 2: Selecting an occasion is optional in Adwords, from a preset list of holidays or special events. Your ad will be eligible to show during the dates AdWords associates with that occasion, if you choose one. Otherwise, you can specify a date range in the Advanced Settings section and select None for occasion. Your promotion extension will be allowed to show continuously.

Step 3: Choose the language and currency of your promotion. (As mentioned before, this extension is rolled out globally and is available in all supported languages and currencies.) First, select whether your promotion is a percentage or monetary discount and then enter the discount amount. There are 4 options for the different ways you can offer your discount within the drop-down menu.

Step 4: Then, you can enter the details of your promotion. You have a max of 20 characters in the Item field. Enter the promotion details that applies to specific products or services. Then set the final URL. This is the landing page where prospects will land when they click on your promotion extension.

Step 5: Type in any additional promotional details and choose if you want the dates of your promotion to show with your extension.

In “Promotion details” you can optionally add a promo code or specify a minimum order value to qualify for the promo.

The “Promotion dates” are optional dates that show within the promotion extension. It’s important to keep in mind that this does not determine when your extension is eligible to show. They will not control the scheduling of the promotion extension, these dates only let people know the duration of your special sale or offer.

Devices and Schedules

Under Advanced options, you can find the Promotion extension scheduling.

If you select Mobile preference for your extension, it means that a promotion extension with this option selected will be given preference on mobile devices over other promotion extensions. Checking this box does not mean your extension will only show on mobile devices. They are still eligible to show on computers and tablets.

In the Scheduling section of the settings, you can select the date range your promotion extension will be eligible to run during. You know that there are already certain date ranges associated with each occasion if you’ve selected an occasion for your promotion.

You can use extension scheduling to narrow the date range, though you can’t select dates outside of the occasion date range. For example, if you’ve selected New Year’s for the occasion, then you can schedule your extension to run from January 1st through January 30th. You can not schedule it to run from January 1st to March 15th. You’ll need to change the occasion to “None” if you want to select dates outside of the preset date range. Also, you can only select certain days or hours of the day for your extension.

Benefits of using Promotion Extensions

  • Helps advertisers drive awareness to deals and promotions
  • Drive high click through rate
  • Updating and changing promotions is easier than ever before
  • Ability to edit extension easily without losing data
  • Choose whether you prefer to show the ad on mobile phones
  • Able to specify dates, days of the week, or times of the day to show the promotion

This is pretty exciting news for advertisers, especially for those who regularly offer discounts on selected services or products. Extensions have proven to be quite the conversion asset for online ads – not to mention the benefit of not having to update an entire ad to make a change. AdWords Promotion Extensions allow you to display important promo messaging quickly and clearly to potential customers while they’re searching for your products. This is a must in your Adwords toolbox!